Gurulize Voice API Documentation

Gurulize Voice API Documentation

Instead of launching an all-in-one e-consultancy application with Gurulize,  you can integrate your existing application utilizing Gurulize Voice API.

You can start marketing your audio consultancy to your clients from your existing site, the phone, or mobile/web application via the Gurulize Voice API.

Following topics:

  1. Gurulize Registration
  2. Tracking a Call Request
  3. Status Codes


Registration requests should be made with the POST method only.

The URL to be requested will be shared with the customer.


username: [username]
Calling the phone number. Should be numerical such as 5xxyyyzztt
Phone number dialed. Should be numerical such as 5xxyyyzztt
The maximum amount of time in seconds desired for a conversation.
The call is cut when it reaches that duration. Must be numerical.
(en, tr) In which language error messages will be received.
It is only Turkish and English, the default is English.

Answers are returned in JSON format. In the "success" field, it can be checked whether the request can be registered as boolean or not. An explanation about the transaction result can be seen in the "message" field.

If a problem occurs while receiving the request, a response similar to the following is returned;

"success": false,
"message": "Missing Parameter (username)"
"success": false,
"message": "Invalid Parameter (caller): Not a phone number"
"success": false,
"message": "User Information Is Invalid"

If the request has been successfully saved. In the reply, a request identifier that will later be used to share information about the status of the request returns in the "id" field.

"success": true,
"message": "Request Received",
"id": 2

2.Tracking Call Request

Status changes regarding the request are notified to an address to be notified by the company.

For example, the company gave us the address for notification.
0 & time = 1427116743

It is transmitted to the callback URL as above.

In here:

id: the request identifier, which we send in response when the call is requested.
code: the code of the new status regarding the call specified in the request
desc: description of the situation in text format
cause: detailed information about the event.
time: the time the event occurred.

2.Status Codes

responder.event.INIT=CALLS_STARTING       0
responder.event.CALLER_CONNECTED          1
responder.event.CALLEE_CONNECTED          2
responder.event.CALLER_BUSY               3
responder.event.CALLEE_BUSY               4
responder.event.CALLER_REJECT             5
responder.event.CALLEE_REJECT             6
responder.event.CALLER_NOT_ANSWERED       7
responder.event.CALLEE_NOT_ANSWERED       8
responder.event.CALLER_NOT_CONNECTED      9
responder.event.CALLEE_NOT_CONNECTED      10
responder.event.CALLER_CLOSED             11
responder.event.CALLEE_CLOSED             12
responder.event.OUT_OF_CREDITS            13

Get Help

Gurulize offers several support resources designed to help e-consultancy professionals with every step of the e-consultancy digital creation process. To learn more about available support resources, visit our Where to Get Help guide.

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